The Grand Junction Modeleers is a flying club focused on one thing…fun!!!

Our flying field is located at 3320 Whitewater Hill on Orchard Mesa in Grand Junction, Colorado. Our airfield is open to members and spectators 7 days a week from dawn to dusk. We welcome enthusiasts of all ages, and currently have more than 80 members.

We have more than 500 feet pf paved runways, and more than 15 acres of dedicated flying space. Our members are friendly, helpful and fun and have varied interests including fixed wing, helicopters, scale, sport, 3D, combat, pattern, and electric and of course the emerging technologies with quads and multi-copters.

The general public is always welcome to watch – we love showing off our equipment – and who knows? You might get hooked on RC model aeronautics!

We pride ourselves as ajoinnow2 club dedicated to helping out newcomers by answering all your questions, helping you learn to fly, and guiding you along your way to becoming a good pilot.

Look over our website and if you have any questions, feel free to email us today.


3320 Whitewater Hill,Orchard Mesa, Grand Junction, Colorado

Thanks to John Plucinski for the great pictures!
You’ve earned your wings, John. We’ll miss you.